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If you are looking to use one of our fleet cars then please do not hesitate in contacting us, you can even keep the vehicle after an agreed period. Minibuses, Exec vehicles, and MPV’s also available.

Example Rentals

car1.jpg (400×242)
New - £160 Per Week - own after a fixed time
Used - £140 Per Week

car2.jpg (400×242)
New - £140 Per Week - own after a fixed time
Used – £120 Per Week

Prices include non fault maintenance, plating,licensing, MOT, Breakdown cover and replacement for non fault accidents.
Prices exclude tyres, fault maintenance, insurance through ADT, £300 deposit, Base Fee or Pay as you Go.

Base Fee 1

£100 work up to 40 hours any time and keep 100% and just 10% on account work

Base Fee 2

£120 work any time and keep 100% of cash work, account work just 10% commission

Pay As You Go

Download our app and pay 20% commission on all jobs

Register your Smash Card

Register your smash card here,
and claim 10% off all ADT app Bookings.

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