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icabbi-driver-app-download.png (540×436)If you own your own vehicle and would like to work with ADT we have jobs available for all driver owners at Loughborough, Leicester and Coalville. There are options available depending on your area.

Getting setup is easy, simply complete the form below to apply and a member of our team will be in touch within 48 hours. After which you will be given access to our Driver Smartphone App. Forget Uber, if you are licensed with Leicester City Council, North West Leicestershire or Charnwood Borough Council then why not get extra jobs by downloading our despatch software to your android smartphone or iPhone from the app store for FREE. You will receive jobs from ADT across our various operating areas. The cost to download is free, and full time drivers would only use approx 200 MB of data a month. Most mobile plans supply 1GB+. The first two weeks of jobs will not cost a bean, so that you can try the system out.

The ADT Driver schemes available range from commission only to set base fees. See below:

Base Fee 1

£100 work up to 40 hours any time and keep 100% and just 10% on account work

Base Fee 2

£120 work any time and keep 100% of cash work, account work just 10% commission

Pay As You Go

Download our app and pay 20% commission on all jobs

The despatch app lets you take card payments, text the customer, plan your route, guide you through the route. It will show you all the jobs for the week in statement format for your accounts if you wish, or if you prefer it wont. You can message the office, and log off and on when ever you want the work.

They are also able to track the vehicle in real time. You will receive bookings from this platform as well as the traditional telephone bookings ADT is now advertising for the next 12 months on CAPITAL FM, To register for the link to download our despatch app, and receive your driver number and pin code, please fill in the registration below or pop in and see us.

Download our Despatch software for FREE NO BASE FEES

  • First 2 weeks are free - NO COMMISSION!
  • Open Shift - Work when you want
  • Take card payments on Hackney jobs
  • Fixed customer prices
  • Full Tracking
  • Take Bookings from our Customer APP
  • Take Bookings from our System
  • Extra Work
  • Take Cards
  • Route Guidance
  • Text Customer
  • Bid for Jobs

Driver Owner Smartphone App Application

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